​The Equine Rehabilitation and Therapy Centre at Brooksby Melton College contains a range of treatments and services available for bookings.

The new centre provides us with a fantastic educational tool for students to use in their studies, as well as a centre which can benefit a range of client’s horses in their training for competition, or aid in their recovery from competition or injury.

Aqua Treadmill

The very latest in technology, the Activo-Med aqua treadmill is an exercise tool which also offers therapeutic elements to aid in the recovery or post acute phase of an injury and assists in the conditioning of the muscles and the heart and lungs, while reducing the stress on the tendons and ligaments. The Activo-Med system uses the natural properties of water to create a low-impact treadmill workout, which increases cardiovascular activity and muscle strength. The system is designed to be an essential part of post-operative recovery and training, boosting general health and well-being through controlled exercise.


Our MaxuSS Pro Solarium is the top of the range in equipment and improves the performance and condition. The heat penetrates into the underlying muscles and helps to stimulate the circulation. It also enables us to dry the horses that have been using the aqua therapy facilities by using hot air diffusers which reach all around the horse.

How to book

Contact Vanessa Hardy; Rehabilitation Centre Coordinator via telephone on 07872 116757 or 01664 850850 extension 316, or email equinerehabcentre@brooksbymelton.ac.uk or click here for more information and prices.