Summer is here and we have lots of BHS exams to keep us busy!

Our first of the year, BHS Stage 2, 3 and 4’s are now out of the way. Another Stage One this week so keep us busy busy and keep the horses looking pristine! Lots of new training courses are starting soon, so if you are looking to get your BHS exams out of the way and need some help with training let us know. Give us a call on 01664 855333 to book on.

The horses have all been given lots of love and attention as the students have had their last few days of assessments before finishing.

Phil’s beautiful tail being put to good use

Some of the horses were very disappointed to not be going out competing after being bathed and plaited last week. They looked amazing and we even have some of our own BMC quarter marks now to really add that finishing touch!


Our lovely BMC quarter marks courtesy of the lovely Nikki Burrell

Tommy looking as handsome as ever

Arnie having a little snooze during the assessments

Arnie’s tail during the Preparation and Presentation of the Competition Horse Assessment day. Anyone need a Groom?!








We are welcoming students for taster days next week so if you would be interested in any of our courses please give the college a call on 01664 850850 to book and come and have a look around! Perfect excuse for a nosey and a fantastic insight into student life here at Brooksby Melton College.


Now that the students have almost finished, the horses can start having a little bit of time off in the summer. Relaxation and recuperation whilst napping in the sun dreaming of grassy meadows… Throwback to last summer…

Green, green grass… zzzz


Lessons are still going on though so come and take advantage of the lovely weather. Brooksby Rider dates have just been published for those members that would like to take part in any of our member only activities. If you would like to know more about Brooksby Rider membership just drop us an email to ask any questions or potentially sign up, benefits include 10% off all lessons and arena hire!


Pony Club is growing by the week! Welcome to all of our new members and look forward to seeing them achieve some badges soon for their learning efforts. Next rally date is the 1st July where Jo is running a Pony Day from 10-4pm. Also Jo has organised a Polocrosse day for us! Email for more details and to book on. We have an external coach coming in to teach us who has all of the equipment and can show us the ropes. (Jo is hoping to be an expert by the end of the day!)

Enjoy the summer everyone!

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