The weather this week has gone from snow to frost to rain to more rain to beautiful blue skies today! We are getting whiplash from checking the weather and changing rugs so much. Hope you are keeping warm everyone.

We had a fantastic lecture last Wednesday from Clair Andrews and Kate Lord, it was very interesting and informative and we had lots of fun getting up and about the room for various demonstrations. Tea, coffee, biscuits in a lovely warm classroom whilst learning how we can help our horses to be the best they can be… What could be better? Thanks for everyone who came to listen and to Clair and Kate for coming to speak to us.

Clair and Kate’s lecture last Wednesday

The next lecture is on the 21st February and with be with Heather Urquhart, Advanced practitioner in Equine Dentistry. She will be talking about common dental problems and their treatment including anatomy, common issues, routine treatments and how to treat specific dental problems. Come and see what you can learn.

On Thursday last week there was an evening dressage competition. Well done to everyone who participated including our Brooksby Riders Leanne, Ann and Jo and one of our students, Kerry. The horses love competitions especially when they get pampered and plaited up. Have a look on our events page to see what you can take part in. Our horses are available for hire for our regular clients so even if you don’t have your own horse you can come and take part and have a go.

Friday was a very popular evening Mini jumping. Well done one of our students Kim who jumped William around a lovely clear round and even leaving with a beautiful, blue rosette! Well done Kim, great teamwork!

Sunday was slightly challenging as we ran an eventer trial and it started snow mid-morning and continued until lunchtime. Well done to all the competitors and thank you for your patience during the day as we had to spend a little time harrowing the arena in between competitors because of the snow fall!

The students are powering through the weather and the colds and flus and keeping these horses well looked after. We are looking forward to the weather picking up and drying out the fields so we can start turning some of these horses out. We have had lots of students starting to have private lessons outside of college hours and making use of the £5 discount that we offer to current students. February half term is fast approaching so the students will get a well-earned break.

This week we have Maxi jumping on Friday, clear round at 65cm is between 5-6pm, come along and have a go at some higher fences, put all that practise to the test! We look forward to seeing you. Classes from 6pm and rosettes up to 6th place. This weekend is chocka-block with lessons so you have to book in fast to get your space for next weekend!

The Pony Club is ever successful. The new badge dates have been organised so February will start with Yard Safety and move on from there. Find out more details on the web page here. Parents don’t wait for the good weather, we have a lovely warm classroom for you to shelter in whilst the PC members are on the yard. The PC members last night all earned their mini Grooming badge, soon we will be having an award ceremony to give out all of the badges we have earned so far. Well done!!

Mini Grooming Badge

Jo has also set up a PC board in the classroom to keep you up to date with any news and information. Call the office and speak to Jo for more information 01664 855333 or email

The Pony Club Board in one of our classrooms.



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